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Forest Park Rail Adventure

Quick Details

Rail Bike Rider A single seat on a quad bike.
Quad Bike You are purchasing all 4 seats on the bike!

A 7-mile round trip rail bike ride starting at Hobbs Station in Forest Park.

Experience the enchanting beauty of nature on our Forest Park Rail Adventure, a 7-mile rail bike ride that winds through woodlands and farmland in Northern Hamilton County.

While the northbound ride presents a manageable incline, it’s a challenge that can be conquered by riders of all levels. Gather your friends and family, as this ride is tailor-made for group fun. Whether you are seeking a leisurely outing or a bit of adventure, the Forest Park Rail Adventure offers it all.

A few things to know:

  • You will be outdoors the entire ride. Please bring sunscreen, bug spray, bottled water and snacks.
  • Each bike is equipped with a basket for you to store your bags, a small cooler or any other personal item. You are welcome to bring drinks and snacks with you.
  • The turnaround location is a wooded area just south of Cicero. There are no restrooms available at the turnaround location or on the trail. Please use the bathroom at the station before departure.
  • These are not equipped with pedal assist, but the ride is very smooth and manageable for all fitness levels.
  • If you purchase fewer than 4 tickets (one quad bike) you may be paired with another group or be on your own depending on availability that ride.
  • Make sure to view all the FAQs before booking your tickets. It includes height and weight restrictions, check in times, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions