The Nickel Plate Heritage Railroad, Inc. will provide a moving entertainment and educational experience for all generations.


in Development for Fall 2018!

Would you like to experience Indiana’s rural landscapes while sipping wine, dining on pizza, or with jolly old St. Nick? The Nickel Plate Express hopes to offer train excursions from Atlanta to Arcadia, IN beginning in Fall 2018. Visitors would travel along the historic Nickel Plate rail line in style while enjoying one of our themed excursions! 

The Equipment

 Historic 1950 Santa Fe engine and HI-Level passenger cars 

Historic 1950 Santa Fe engine and HI-Level passenger cars 

The groundbreaking Santa Fe Railway Hi-Level passenger cars were developed in 1956 to provide exceptional comfort on the El Capitan luxury train which operated between Chicago and Los Angeles. Unlike conventional passenger cars, these hi-levels were two stories tall, with an upper and lower floor. Most seating is on the upper level which offers better views and a quieter, more comfortable ride. They were developed by the Budd Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and were so successful Santa Fe had another order of similar cars built in 1964. These were among the tallest and heaviest passenger cars ever built at the time.