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Field Trips: An interactive and education rail experience

Interactive Education on the Nickel Plate Express

A charitable nonprofit, Nickel Plate Express introduces younger generations to the scientific and historical aspects of Indiana railroads through hands-on learning activities.

Field Trip Itineraries 

Caboose Rides: Ideal for smaller groups and students of all ages. This field trip includes a 30-minute ride on the historic Nickel Plate caboose. The small, red caboose offers the opportunity for students to hear, feel and see the experience. Caboose rides can accommodate up to 20 students and 2 adults.  Multiple rides can be arranged to allow larger groups this experience. The cost for caboose rides is $15 per person including chaperones. 

Train Rides: Ideal for students from Kindergarten-Fourth Grade, all field trips start off with a ride aboard Nickel Plate Express’ real and larger-than-life train. Nickel Plate Express uses historic 1956 equipment. The full train can accommodate 250 passengers.  

  • STEM Field Trips: No one knows more about the science and technology behind historic machinery than our engineers. During STEM field trips, our highly trained engineers lead students in a 45-minute Q&A session about the origin of trains, how it all works, and what the engineer’s role is. Students will learn railroad hand and flag signals, walkie-talkie etiquette and rail safety tips to help them and their guardians stay safe.

  • Fall Field Trips: Enjoy the colors of fall from our 1950s train car.

  • Reindeer Ride Field Trips: Treat students to a fun trip before school is out! Take a magical ride aboard the Reindeer Ride Express. Students sing holiday carols, enjoy story time with Santa and the engineers and complete a holiday craft to take home.


Field trips can be scheduled any day during the week from March-December. Field Trips will typically depart from Hobbs Station located inside Forest Park in Noblesville, IN. Other arrangements can be made to depart from Cicero, Arcadia or Atlanta.

Nickel Plate Express can accommodate up to 250 students per field trip.

Email director Emily Reynolds at for more information or to schedule your trip.


Field trips include a train ride and all educational/entertainment activities. Cost for a caboose ride is $15 per person. Cost to rent out the full train is $2,500.


Know of a local business who would like to sponsor a field trip for your school? Nickel Plate Express is happy to help with publicity by giving the sponsor a thank you shout-out on the Nickel Plate Express Facebook or webpage.


Have specific standards or lesson plans you would like to cover? Let us know! Nickel Plate Express will work with your teachers to plan activities and cover curriculum that meets Indiana standards.

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