The Nickel Plate Heritage Railroad, Inc. is a charitable non profit that manages a 150-year-old depot in Arcadia, IN.

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The Nickel Plate Express provides year-round excursions to residents and guests. The historic train runs on the 12 miles of track between Atlanta and Noblesville. During the 2018 season, excursions will board out of downtown Atlanta (near 105 E Main Street).

As a community-led initiative, Nickel Plate Express will preserve an important local treasure by maintaining a portion of the Nickel Plate rail line. 

Nickel Plate Heritage Railroad, Inc is organized to support the artistic, cultural and physical heritage of northeastern Hamilton County through exhibits,  teaching, collaboration, sharing and programs.

“The Arcadia Depot has been an icon in this community for more than five decades. This new venture is exciting, and we want the community to help us shape its future.
— Toni Dickover, Board President
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