Family and 21+ excursions on sale now!

Climb aboard for a sweet ride this Fall!

Purchasing Policies:

Privacy note: When purchasing tickets from Nickel Plate Express, customers are asked to 'login' or 'create an account.' This provides our customers with additional check-out security when using credit and debit cards. Customer information is not used without consent. 

Refund Note: Refunds are available as deemed necessary. Please email or call 317-285-0682 for refund information.

Contact Us: P.O. Box  435 Atlanta, IN 43030 or, 317-285-0682

Dining Seating:  Seating in the dining portion of the car is compact (14 inches between seat and table). Built in the 1950s, our dining car seating was designed for petite Americans. Tall or larger passengers should choose lounge seating or regular passenger car seating to ensure comfort. 

-The Nickel Plate Express team.