Tap on Track

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Hot and humid Indiana summer days are an ailment Hoosiers are familiar with. The cure? A cold beer!

This Saturday, Field Brewing is climbing aboard and serving up 3 signature samples that offer a refreshing respite from the summer heat. We talked with Field Brewing’s head brewer master, Rian Umbach, to see what flavors passengers can expect on board.

On Tap:

1. Shift Change IPA- Field’s house IPA, the Shift Change is brewed with the same malts and kettle hops each time. However, Umbach says that each batch receives a change of dry hops before brewing. This fresh change of hops results in a slight change in taste and aroma each time.

2. Summer Days (American Wheat Ale)- Field’s first wheat beer offering, the ale is conditioned and brewed to hit the palette in a burst of refreshing crispness.

3. Self Centered-(Pale Ale)- A malt-forward English style pale ale, Self-Centered offers a light citrus hop aroma that perfectly compliments the malty body.

A drink with a rolling view

A drink with a rolling view

This summer, Field Brewing will continue to focus on brewing lighter styles with a subtle fruit play to them. Rian and the Field Brewing team achieve this subtle fruit flavoring without adding any fruit extracts or flavorings. For example, Summer Day’s slight citrus zing is the product of an abundance of wheat malt in the recipe that mimics a citrus fruit flavor.

Umbach says these beers are true to his brewing style and fondness for great beer. In his opinion, a good beer shouldn't leave you feeling full, but should instead be lighter bodied without pushing the limits of alcohol percentage. That way, patrons can enjoy more than one drink while still having a pleasant experience.

Cheers to summer and light-bodied ales! Book your tickets for Saturday June 8 Ales and Rails rides here. Ticket includes a flight of 3 beers, hour and a half ride through Hamilton County, and a snack!

Train Excursions leave at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. Learn more about Field Brewing at www.fieldbrewing.com