One Spot: The Mobile OFFICE

Imagine you're a railroad official working on the Nickel Plate line, circa the 1930s. Your job is to inspect portions of the line for safety rule and regulation compliance. 

Inspecting the track is no quick 2-hour road trip. Officials can take days or even weeks to inspect different portions of the track! In order to inspect the track as efficiently as possible, you and your fellow officials need to be out on the rails for an extended period of time. You need a hotel, restaurant and meeting room that can travel down the line with you. 

Business Car 1.JPG

With those officials in mind, the Nickel Plate business car #1 was designed as a mobile office. Affectionately known as the One Spot, it was built for the president of the Nickel Plate holding company in 1929 by the Pullman Company. The One Spot passed hands and served several other railroads before retiring from rail inspection in 1970, when it was purchased by a private owner. The steel car had four bedrooms, an observation lounge, several bathrooms, a kitchen and a dining room! 

While the One Spot was an ideal way to ride the rails it was not available for general passenger use. Only railroad executives and officials had access to the business car. 

One Spot Today

Today, the One Spot is a way for passengers to enjoy a luxury excursion experience. The One Spot still hosts business meetings and is available for reservation by local businesses. The car is now owned privately by Powell Felix, president of the Indiana Boxcar Company, and is on loan to Nickel Plate Express! 

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