A Salute to the Queen

In 1977 Queen Elizabeth II was celebrating her Silver Jubilee, which marked 25 years as the Queen of England.  As they celebrated across the pond, Hamilton Heights music teacher, Robert Warnick, licked an envelope, pressed a stamp into the upper-right corner and sent it off to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. 

What was in the envelope? Warnick wanted to help her majesty celebrate the best way he knew how-with music. In the letter, Warnick enclosed a song he had written for Queen Elizabeth. "Salute to Queen Elizabeth II on Her Majesty's Silver Jubilee" was a fanfare for trumpet, voice, organ and piano. Along with the original composition, Warnick included a drawing of the Arcadia Train Depot. 


Warnick's composition for the Queen. 

That October, the Arcadia Depot received a thank you on engraved Buckingham Palace letterhead.  "Her majesty thought it most kind of you to send her the fanfare recorded on a cassette tape, together with the music and drawing of the Arcadia Train Depot so beautifully prepared and presented."

See Warwick's original composition, along with the royal thank you, on display at the Arcadia Depot, re-opening this September!

Queen 4.jpg

A thank you letter from the Queen.