The Haunted Road's Hotel

Sitting on the corner of Main Street, in the sleepy town of Atlanta, Road’s Hotel is a ghostly presence. The haunted hotel is the final stop aboard our Ghost Express on Oct. 20 and 27th.

Roads hotel.jpg

Built in 1893, the hotel is chock full of rich history and untimely deaths. Built by Newton and Clara Roads, the hotel served as an extra source of income and kept Clara busy while Newton, a traveling salesman, was away. When Newton passed away, Clara was determined to do whatever it took to keep the hotel open. Thus, the hotel became a brothel and speak easy.

Everette Roads

The hotel’s first victim was Newton and Clara’s son, Everett. At 19 he contracted tuberculoses and was quarantined in his bedroom upstairs. He remained there until he passed away. Everrett’s room is one of the most paranormally active in the hotel. Using a recorder, hotel guests are often able to pick up voices that the human ears can’t process.

Lester Poor

Across the hall, the hotel claimed its second victim. A local preacher, Lester Poor booked a room at the hotel. He checked in and then climbed the stairs to the attic where he hung himself. Many guests have reported seeing Lester’s shadow.

John Dillinger

Born just north of Indianapolis, Depression-era gangster John Dillinger traveled the area surrounding Atlanta heavily and is said to have frequented the Road’s Hotel. Atlanta residents have reported seeing Dillinger enter the hotel through a secret back entrance. Dillinger would use stairs in the back of the hotel to reach his ‘usual’ room at the end of the main hall in Road’s Hotel.

Lost Limbs Foundation


The Road’s Hotel is operated by Mike Couch, founder of the Lost Limbs Foundation. The Lost Limbs Foundation helps provide assistance for amputee children in need of prosthetics. Typically, insurance does not cover the majority of a patient’s prosthetics bill. The Lost Limbs Foundation steps in to cover what insurance and families can’t. All Road’s Hotel proceeds benefit the Lost Limbs Foundation.

Want to explore the haunted house? Get your tickets for Ghost Express! Learn more about the Lost Limbs Foundation here.