Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know before you book your tickets for theNickel Plate Express. Start your trip today!

What is nickel Plate Express

Nickel Plate Express is a non profit, tourist excursion railroad. Nickel Plate Express offers excursions year round and aims to educate and entertain!

How much are tickets?

Ticket prices vary depending on the type of excursion. Click on the Buy Tickets tab to see pricing for each of our themed and holiday excursions.

What does seating look like?

Upper level passenger car seating

Upper level passenger car seating

Upper level dining seating

Upper level dining seating

How long is the trip? 

The roundtrip excursion is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes long. Dinner and drink excursions may be extended to hour and a half…check each event for details.

Where does the train go? 

The train will go from Atlanta to 216th street in Noblesville, then head back north toward Atlanta. 

Where do I park? 

Street parking is available on Main Street, Walnut Street and Railroad Street.

Where do i board?

Passengers should board in downtown Atlanta, by Atlanta Town Hall. 105 E Main St, Atlanta, IN 46031

Is there food on the train?

Light concessions are available on the train in all cars. Adult and regular beverages are also available. Nickel Plate Express uses locally owned businesses to provide snacks for passengers. No outside food or drink are allowed on the train. 

Are there Restrooms on the train?

Restrooms are available on the train! However, passengers are strongly encouraged to use the brand-new restrooms in the Atlanta community center before boarding the trian.

Are the cars handicap accessible?

Unfortunately, cars are not handicap accessible at this time. Nickel Plate Express is working to make a train car handicap accessible for late 2019, early 2020.

Where are the seats located? 

Seats in our passenger cars are located on the second floor! Passengers will climb a small flight of stairs to reach their seats. Be advised the staircase is narrow.

Are pets allowed on the train?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on the train. However, service dogs are permitted in compliance with ADA. All service dogs should have registration tags.