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Quick Details

Diamond Class Ticket Our top class in dining style seating. Ages 21+ only.
Platinum Adult Ticket Ages 13+
Platinum Child Ticket Ages 3-12
Standard Adult Ticket Ages 13+
Standard Child Ticket Ages 3-12
Standard Infant Ticket Under 3. Does not have a seat. Rides on parents lap.
Cab Ride Ride with the engineer! Must be 14+
Private Train Car Up to 40 people in your own private train car.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wizarding in Noblesville, IN

Climb aboard for a magical journey into the wizarding world. On this Harry-Potter-inspired train ride you’ll brush up on local wizarding news, learn some new spells and enjoy treats such as a butter beverage! All excursions board at platform 8 ¾ in Noblesville.

All tickets include an activity, wand and butter beverage.

Ticketing Options

  • Diamond Seating

Duke Dining Car: Our dining car offers social, 4-top booth seating. Individual tickets are sold as part of a 4-top. Taller or larger passengers should purchase seats in the platinum section for maximum comfort. Ages 21+.

  • Platinum Seating

Reporter Lounge: Offers social, 4-top table and chair seating. Individual tickets are sold as part of a 4-top. This is the best option for taller and larger passengers as it offers more space.

  • Standard Seating

Reserved Coach: Our reserved coach offers roomy and spacious economical seating. Seats are in groups of two and may be swiveled to face each other.