Take a ride on the historic Nickel Plate Railroad! 

Would you like to experience Indiana’s rural countryside while sipping wine or with jolly old St. Nick? The Nickel Plate Express will offer train excursions from Atlanta to Arcadia, Indiana, beginning in Fall 2018.  Visitors will be able to enjoy our themed excursions, plus a visit to the historic Arcadia Depot and downtown Atlanta, transformed for each magical season! 


This project is a community-led initiative that aims to preserve an important local treasure by maintaining a portion of the Nickel Plate rail line. The Nickel Plate Express will provide a unique excursion and community  experience. 

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The Nickel Plate Express will operate regular excursions Saturdays & Sundays along the 12-mile track between Noblesville and Atlanta.

Departures will take place from Noblesville arriving in Cicero, Arcadia & Atlanta; to Noblesville from Atlanta; from Atlanta to Arcadia and the old spur or “Davon Y” between 216th & 221st Streets, and more!       


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Our Policy 

Nickel Plate Express welcomes comments and suggestions from the public to improve the customer experience. Every effort will be made to address all comments, complaints and concerns. Comments containing profanity, inappropriate language or threats will be removed from the Nickel Plate Express website and social media channels. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a specific complaint, email info@nickelplateexpress.net